Key Personnel

 Kim Reeve, AIA, NCARB, Principal      

 Kim has been designing, managing and coordinating Architecture projects in Oklahoma for   over 38 years.  He provides leadership and design direction on each Architecture   project that we produce. 

 “It’s always about the people.  The tools have changed over the years but the ability to   understand the client’s needs and desires is still primary.  It is our task to give form,   function and life to those desires.  What a joy!”

 Stacy Loeffler, PE, Principal

 Stacy has led structural design teams on many successful projects ranging from very small   rehabilitations to multi-story buildings.  She is a graduate of the University of Oklahoma and   is a life-long resident of the State.  Her structural design experience spans a broad range of   facilities and materials from concrete retaining walls to multi-story composite and multi-story   precast concrete construction as well as bridge inspection, design and rehabilitation. 

 "I enjoy designing the world we live in.  I especially love remodel and rehabilitation projects -   never a dull moment!"

 George Rochelle, PE, Principal 

 George has extensive experience in civil site and roadway design including widening, new   alignments, intersections, grading, paving, drainage and channel design, the design of   detention systems including hydrology and hydraulics analysis, bridge location, the design of   inlet and outlet structures, pond routing, erosion control design, and site drainage.  His   project management skills include coordinating all professionals involved in the design of a   project, scheduling and tracking projects, and cost estimating.

 “When you’re a CIVIL ENGINEER there are a lot of OMG moments, but it’s the Wow! and    moments that make it all worthwhile.”

 James Bond, AIA, Architect

 James has participated in the design and development of construction documents for many   projects throughout the State of Oklahoma.  He is an expert in ADA requirements, and is   responsible for a thorough code compliance review of projects as well as architectural detail   and design.  His experience includes gathering data and analyzing existing facilities to   produce as-built drawings, as well as organizing and producing the information for   construction documents and managing the process of construction. 


 Connie Weber, NCIDQ, Sr. Interior Designer

 Connie's interior architecture experience includes the highest level of knowledge in all   phases of a project.  Her diverse project resume includes judicial buildings, county projects,   office environments, executive briefing centers, and network control centers. Her design   expertise and attention to detail are acknowledged by numerous awards. She has   consistently proven her ability to lead both her clients and employees through the design   process, with an outstanding ability to communicate and manage schedules and budgets.

 "Through design we want to improve work functions and environments while at the same   time conveying our client’s image and personality.”


 Rick Belden, PE, Project Manager

 Rick has particularly extensive experience in civil and roadway design with projects for the   Oklahoma Department of Transportation.  Specializing in horizontal and vertical alignments   for urban and rural highways, he has worked on a wide range of projects, from rural   highways to commercial and residential development to the I-40 Crosstown Expressway   Relocation project in Oklahoma City.

 Daniel Polasek, PE, Project Manager

 Daniel is a 2004 Oklahoma State University graduate and has approximately 10 years of   experience in roadway design including widening, new alignments, intersections, pavement   rehabilitation, roadway geometrics, and construction sequencing.  He is highly experienced   in storm sewer design including hydrology and hydraulic analysis, storm water collection   systems, the design of inlet and outlet structures, erosion control plans, and site drainage.   

 Jennifer Hammock, AIA, NCARB, ARCHITECT

 Jenni is heavily involved in all project phases from schematic sketches, initial budgeting and   code analysis to construction documents, construction administration and project closeout.   She has a broad base of graphic skills that include computer BIM modeling, 3d renderings,   and project presentation. Jenni supports our lead architects with her abilities to efficiently   coordinate and communicate with other disciplines, contractors, and clients.    

 "Architecture, to me, is a space that provides comfort, generates ideas, and reveals   emotionDesign is an act of giving. It is hopeful, helpful, and practical. The feelings you   receive in a particular space, the lingering impressions, and the instinctive emotions are what   separates architecture from buildings."