Firm History

BKL’s roots reach back to 1946 when William J. Fell co-founded Fell and Wheeler, Consulting Engineers, in Tulsa.  Through the years we have been involved with many high profile projects in the region.  We were on the original design team for the Tulsa Port of Catoosa, and in 2016 were selected as their current on-call engineering and architecture firm.  Our firm was one of the core group of firms that design the Tulsa Metropolitan Expressway System Master Plan.  We were the Architect of Record for the David L. Moss Criminal Justice Center in Tulsa.  The following timeline lists notable events in the evolution of our firm.

  • 1946 Fell and Wheeler, Consulting Engineers, started practice in Tulsa, Oklahoma.
  • 1961 Frank S. Brusso and Robert O. Bruton became associates of the firm.
  • 1963 William J. Fell and Associates with William J. Fell as sole owner was organized and continued until 1966.
  • 1966 Frank S. Brusso and Robert O. Bruton became partners in the firm.
  • 1969 The firm name changed to Fell-Brusso-Bruton.  Until late 1969 this firm was primarily operated as a consulting engineering firm handling all phases of civil and electrical engineering projects. In late 1969, Billy C. Knowles, an experienced architect, was added to the staff.
  • 1971 In January 1971 Billy C. Knowles, AIA Architect, and Otis C. Courtright, P.E. became partners in the firm.
  • 1976 In January 1976 another change in partners took place and the firm became known as Fell Brusso Bruton & Knowles, Inc.
  • 1977 Kim Reeve, a graduate Architect, is hired.
  • 1978 Frank S. Brusso passed away March 3, 1978, and William J. Fell passed away July 17, 1978.
  • 1978 The company acquired Cantrell Surveying Company.  November - Fell Brusso Bruton & Knowles, Inc. merged with Love Engineering Company. 
  • 1982 The name of the Company was changed to Bruton, Knowles & Love, Inc
  • 1987 George Rochelle, PE, joins the company with 11 years of previous experience in civil engineering.  Stacy Loeffler a recent Civil Engineering graduate joins the firm.
  • 1998 Kim Reeve, George Rochelle, and Stacy Loeffler purchased the company from Mr. Bruton and Mr. Knowles.  Mr. Reeve is President of BKL, Mr. Rochelle is the Vice-President and Ms. Loeffler is Secretary/Treasurer.  The company name is changed to BKL, Inc.
  • 2004 Mr. Bruton retired from BKL, Inc. on December 31, 2004. 
  • 2008 BKL, Inc. Purchases the historic “TulOil” building at 1623 E. 6th Street and renovates it for the new company headquarters of the growing firm.
  • 2012 BKL, Inc. acquires the assets of Todd Engineering in Oklahoma City and opens the Oklahoma City office.  George Rochelle manages this office.
  • 2013 On February 5, 2013, Billy Knowles passed away. 
  • 2019 Daniel Polasek and Jenni Hammock become Partners. Stacy Loeffler is President, Jenni Hammock is Vice President and Daniel Polasek is Secretary/Treasurer.